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Friday March 18, 2005 late evening.

In case any of you are wondering just what I'm up to these days...

I was folding my laundry and I heard a funny sound in my fireplace (which I use for storage-I have a file cabinet in there). I got my flashlight and went to look. To my surprise there was this multi-legged fellow crawling on the floorboard! He must have crawled in through the cracks in my chimney and fallen down inside. After I picked him up he curled up and played dead. I waited. I got my camera ready. And waited. He had incredible patience, far beyond mine. I placed a shot glass over him and went back to my laundry folding. No luck. I placed a piece of cucumber from my dinner next to him to entice him to come around and get active. No luck. I picked up the envelope he was resting on and made like an earthquake tapping underneath with my pencil. No luck. I went back to laundry folding.

Finally, my laundry was finished. I went back and looked. He was still curled up! OK, I got tough and rolled him over and that finally did it. He started moseying around and I took some pics using the macro feature. Unfortunately, I chose not to use the flash and I think the exposure was too slow for my hand. But I still thought it cool to have something to show.

After the long tiring bought of modeling for my camera the millipede trundled off into the rainy wilds of my back patio.

P.S. My new camera is a Canon PowerShot A85 (4 megapixels). Works great.

millipede pic 1
millipede pic 2
millipede pic 3
millipede pic 4
millipede pic 5 - there he goes!
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