]> Rendering MathML in XHTML in IE6

Rendering MathML in XHTML in IE6

In order to render MathML in an XHTML file and be able to display it in IE 6, please follow the steps discussed in: http://www.w3.org/Math/XSL/.

The steps are summarized here and are followed in this .xhtml file.

1. Download the MathPlayer plug-in for IE: MathPlayer: Download.

2. Download and install locally the following stylesheets:
mathml.xsl, pmathml.xsl, ctop.xsl and pmathmlcss.xsl from the links given in the www.w3.org/Math/XSL/ page above. They should be placed into the same directory as your .xhtml document.

3. use lines 1-2 and 9-11 from this file in your .xhtml file along with your MathXML code. Notice how line 11 sets the MathPlayer plug-in to run for this page: "pref:renderer="mathplayer".

4. test your browser by launching this page in it.
You should see this in your browser (just for the MathXML part in jpeg - I added these instructions afterwards). Browser example display


Test equations in MathML below:

x 2 + 4 x + 4 = 0
a + b 2
x = - b ± b 2 - 4 a c 2 a