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Geekbonics Sonnet

we be geeks.
our fate is preformatted,
so let us interface bit by bit an' byte by byte
an' get dat operatin' system a goin'.
got dat disc a spinnin' bro?
I bet I can make that floppy hard,
with sum non preemptive multitasking.
download, download, modulate that oral output!
lingual diversity-I'm all for it,
page up, page down, scroll lock, shift and insert-no ESC now!
upload dat hard drive, maximize my windows-
and RAM my inbox with sum MegaHertZ
to make me scream for DATA, 0000000h!


systems down, now microsoft.
need a screen saver.
and a cuppa java.
then, sum milliseconds we be rebootin',
impl'mentin' a program to reconfiga
afta the crash.

Your Icon,
Shortcut XOXOXO

P.S. Your Desktop or Mine?

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