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DVC Reminiscences

It was a sad day for me. I went out to DVC today and said good-bye. I was in a long slow line at the Registration Annex to drop the Fall semester classes. In line, there in full view, were the picnic tables sitting in the shade of the large, soothing trees. They were empty for awhile and then some people sat down at them. I just kept staring them and memories flooded my thoughts. They were all very good memories. Conversations with fellow students about our lives, the teachers, politics, anything and everything, even the homework. Alternating philosophical and silly discussions with Dr. Khaja, who taught me everything I know about programming, and of course getting to know my new friends.

It's been 2 1/2 years--an entire lifestyle to which I've grown very accustomed and have enjoyed. It has given me not only the gift of new knowledge, but of new friendships as well. What a wonderful way to find camaraderie in having common interests and pursuits! To be able to work together on projects and in the process gradually learn about the person your working with. I can see no better way for it to happen than through the collaborative efforts brought about by the classroom. If only the rest of the world could work the way things do at DVC. It has been a great two and one half years indeed. So, I headed off and went down by the duck pond and watched the ducks for a minute. They were there as always, in the shade ruffling their feathers, waiting for the next handout.

Now, onward--to find the next duck pond out there...

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