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1 package of 10 burrito size flour tortillas (Mission tortillas are my favorite)
1 16 oz. can Rosarita Vegetarian Refried Beans
1 12 oz. package El Burrito SoyTaco meatless taco filling
1 small 1/2 lb. block of Monterey Jack cheese (Sonoma Jack)
taco sauce (mild or hot to your taste)
5 tomatoes
2 bunches of green onions
1 head of butter lettuce
1 bunch of cilantro
2 avocados
cooked rice, prepare approx. 1/4 cup per 2 servings.

  • cook about 1/4 cup rice per 2 servings. gently boil rice with lid slightly tipped with 2X amount of water until water nearly all boils off.
  • put refried beans into small saucepan.
  • add contents of SoyTaco package to saucepan with refried beans and mix together.
  • start heating the refried bean mixture very gently on low heat while you prepare the rest. stir the mixture occasionally as it heats up.
  • wash and dice tomatoes and set aside.
  • wash and slice green onions into 1/4 long pieces and set aside.
  • wash and slice or tear lettuce into small pieces.
  • rinse and chop a handful of cilantro.
  • dice avocado.
  • prepare slices of cheese.
  • place tortilla into nonstick skillet and heat for 1 minute or so, then turn it over.
  • place slices of cheese across middle of tortilla and about 4 tsp heated bean-SoyTaco mixture onto cheese across tortilla.
  • sprinkle taco sauce across to taste while the cheese/bean mixture heats.
  • spoon about 4 tsp cooked rice across the bean/cheese mixture while it heats.
  • when cheese has melted remove tortilla from heat and place onto large plate.
  • sprinkle a handful of diced green onions, approximately half a tomato's worth diced pieces, handful of lettuce and cilantro to taste over the bean and cheese mix.
  • place about 1/4 avocado's worth of diced pieces on the top.
  • fold in half and eat. Yummy.

Note: above recipe prepares about 10 individual servings. Usually, I can eat two servings for a meal so this recipe will feed at least 5 people. I don't dice all of the tomatoes, lettuce and avocados at once. I prepare only the amount needed per each serving desired for the meal.

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