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Java Courses:
COMSC 256: Advanced Java, Spring 2001, Diablo Valley College

Java Links:
Sun Microsystems - Developer Home
Sun's developer info.

J2SE Documentation
Online and downloadable documentation for the Java Platform, products and API's.

Java Servlet Technology - Implementations & Specifications
The J2EE SDK, Tomcat and servlet specification download page.

Java Technologies Home
J2SE, J2EE, J2ME (Micro Edition) and XML downloads here.

Glossary of Java and Related Terms
Sun's glossary.

C#, Java, and JavaScript Programming, by Richard G Baldwin
A great tutorial site by a professor.

jGuru.com(Home): Your view of the Java universe
A Java guru. Has Java ques and answer.

Java tips and discussions.

Java Pro
Lots of developer info.

Isavix Information-Technology Education and Reference Solutions, a.k.a Developer Hub
Java, etc. resources.

Writing JavaBeans using JBuilder Java BeansExpress
A Java bean tutorial.

Fundamentals of RMI--About this Short Course
Tutorial by jGuru on Sun's web site.

JSP Insider - Online JavaServer Pages resource
A site listing Java web hosts as well as articles and tutorials on JSP, Servlets, and various other J2EE topics.

Jspin: JSP tutorials, examples, JSP hosting, code, tags, & beans.
Lots of JSP info here, including the links to free JSP web hosts.

Java on the Brain
Check out this guy's 3D Rubik's Cube applet. You can download the code, too. Also, he has an interesting editorial comment in his "Goals" page about the problems with Java.

Java special effects
A lot of the classic stuff like rippling water and fire effects, but, also some unusual ones.

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